5 Perfect Hotel Point of Sales Systems to Consider

5 Perfect Hotel Point of Sales Systems to Consider

Are you running your own hotel? Looking for a way to improve your business? Here are 5 perfect hotel Point of Sales systems to consider!

 So, you in the hotel business? That’s great! Are you more than just a hotel? Do you offer special amenities such as a restaurant, gift shop, spa, or maybe something else worth mentioning? All of these properties need more than just a basic PMS or property management system.

What you need is a specialized POS or Point of Sales system. A POS system is where the customer transaction completes. All checkout counters you see in the stores are considered as Point of Sales systems.

For hotels and resorts , the Point of Sale system can link a hotel property management system with the spa or the restaurant so all transactions and information are in a centralized location. And once the information are in that location, you can use that to target your newest marketing campaign. In this article, we are going to present you the best hotel Point of Sales systems to keep in mind:

  1. Agilysys – This POS system is specially designed for resorts and hotels. It offers a separate Point of Sales system for those who don’t want to buy the entire property management system. The pros of using this system are on-demand reporting, mobile and handheld capabilities, high-level security, and visual reports of guest spending patterns.
  2. Bepoz – A reliable and popular hotel POS system. This company specializes in POS systems across different industries such as coffee shops, amusement parks, retirement communities, and etc. WIth Bepoz, you will get customizable screens, cash and stock control, scheduled promotions, offline mode in case you need, and option to create vouchers and gift cards.
  3. Hotelogix – This is one of the best and most popular hotel software solutions on the market. It boasts a Point of Sales system that works for different amenities such as minibars, restaurants, spas, and travel desks.
  4. Maitre’D – This company specialized in Point of Sale systems across different industries such as bars, fast food, restaurants, and etc. With Maitre’D you will get mobile capabilities, reports and business analytics, loyalty features and programs, event management, and kitchen video monitor system.
  5. Toast POS – This is an all-in-one POS and it is used in hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants. You will get access to all information from the cloud, 24-hour customer service, and much more.

 Make the right choice and pick the best system!