Find the Best Retail POS System for Your Store: Top 5 Point of Sale Systems for Retail Businesses

Finding the right Retail POS system is not easy! Here are some of the best POS systems for retail businesses to keep in mind!

Before we present you the best Retail POS systems on the market, let’s see what a Point of Sale software system is all about. POS system or Point of Sale system is a business cash register which is used at business locations or offices where products and services are sold to customers and clients. By using internet technology, the program is not only beneficial to physical retail stores but also to online stores that use advanced and complex tools.

With a Point of Sale software solution, you can record and control all of your customer sales transactions by using your PC and store all your sales data in the cloud or on your device. You can easily input into your PC the products and the services you are currently selling, their price, how much of them are in stock, and the quantity sold. The software program can calculate the end costs and includes tax, and give you helpful information if you need to give back change to the buyer. The best thing is that it records each sale that occurs in your retail store and monitors and controls everything else.

The software keeps a tab on the total sales your store has made and it can them simplify other tasks as the total sales tax made, calculate the total sales for the day, the number of times a specific product was sold during a specific period of time, and etc. The capabilities and the options of the POS software go beyond just be being a cash register. As a matter of fact, this system software can be a complete retail management system to handle and automate all the aspects of your retail business.


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In order to understand Point of Sale software better, we are going to mention some of the common features of this software. Even though you can buy a platform with a basic POS functionality, there are many Point of Sale systems today that have integrated tools specially designed to manage and control a variety of related tasks. The common features of Point of Sale software are accounts receivable, inventory control, accounts payable, shop management, customer tracking and follow up, automatic purchase order creation, automatic price updates, barcode scanning, payroll, general ledger, and electronic ordering.

A Point of Sale software system can bring numerous benefits to your retail business. You can discover important returns, improve productivity, enhance savings, and get detailed data on sales performance and condition.

The best and top-recommended Retail POS systems are:

  • TouchBistro – One of the best Point of Sale solutions on the market, specially designed for the needs of dining venues, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and more. It is hosted in the cloud and it targets iOS users who are interested to serve customers efficiently.
  • Square – If TouchBistro is too specific for you and you are looking for a more general solution, Square is definitely the right POS solution for you. This software system promotes fast and efficient transactions, manages inventory, generates sales reports, and stores digital receipts.
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POS system for your business

Vend – This is one of the best POS solutions designed for iPad user and it is used by retail stores to manage sales, inventory, and customers at a really affordable cost.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud – This POS software system offers great features such as predictive intelligence, order management, mobile first Point of Sale and store operations. Retail businesses can use this solution to simplify their business operations.

FastSpring – This is a suitable solution for websites that sell software, digital products, apps, and SaaS. This solution has been specifically designed by ecommerce experts.

Pick one and bring your retail business to the next level!

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